“KATE CLINTON 25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR”–the lady who makes us laugh

“Kate Clinton: 25th Anniversary Tour”

The Lady Who Makes Us Laugh

Amos Lassen

Kate Clinton is a treasure—she can make us laugh, encourages us to think and inspires us to stand up for who we are. Ariztical Entertainment is now releasing the DVD of her 25th anniversary tour and this is something that you really have to see. Clinton has been doing hoer comedy for 25 years now and she is better than ever. Her political humor and satire is sharp, probably the sharpest it has ever been but then she has an administration about which there is a lot to say.

Clinton’s one liners hit hard but that is not all that is on this DVD. We get a celebration of Kate’s career with tribute statements from many famous people. Among them are Melissa Etheridge, Lily Tomlin, and Billie Jean King as well as other comedians. It is their chance to honor Clinton who helped to open the door for all of us to walk through. It is also and more importantly a chance for Kate Clinton, herself, to give us her comedy.

The DVD starts with a really funny routine on what to name this tour. It was finally decided that this was to be known as “It’s Come to This”. There are other exciting things to be seen here. There are clips of Clinton reading from her book, “What the L?” and snapshots of her early years. There is a wonderful interview of Kate and her partner, Urvashi Vaid, with whom she has been for 19 years.

There are plenty of laughs here but there is also an opportunity to get up close and personal with a woman who has made us laugh and look proudly at ourselves.

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