“JUST A QUESTION OF LOVE”–the power of love


The Power of Love

Amos Lassen

“Just A Question of Love” (Picture This Entertainment) has a beautiful story and some competent actors. It is well acted with a rich storyline. The heartwarming action between the two main characters, Laurent (Cyrille Thouvenin), a 23 year old student and Cedric (Stephan Guerin-Tilliie), shows the power of young love.

As I watched the film my thoughts wandered as I watched how mc more mature European filmmakers are at depicting gays on the screen. There are rarely stereotypical depictions and acceptance s usual in European films but this is finally beginning to change in American cinema. In “A Question of Love” the main characters area student of agriculture and a researcher in the field of microbiology, professions that aren’t usually attributed to gay men (in the movies). Herein lies somewhat of a political message—coming out does not mean joining an established gay community—that it is possible to live a gay life without being a member of a larger gay community. Concerning the ongoing debate dealing with political limits and restraints (some self imposed), this look at the issue caused me to think a lot about our place in society. Likewise the film talks to parents of gay children. Of the five different parents in the films, they ways they relate to homosexuality are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. Cedric’s mother accepts him because she loves him—pure and simple and is the most sympathetic of the parents in the movie and is important as to show how Laurent’s parents relate to his homosexuality. Laurent’s aunt and uncle had rejected their son when he came out and he eventually died. Laurent’s mother is devastated. Cedric and Laurent have no trouble being gay, it is Laurent’s parents who have to either change or lose their son.

Everyone in the film appears naturally and it is as if you are sitting in a room with them overhearing what is going on in their lives. The script is well written and totally unpredictable. The film was originally made for French TV and was designed to bring awareness to the French nation about the difficulties of gay love and coming out. “Just a Question of Love” has a universal theme—is it possible to love in the face of adversity? Human emotions are displayed openly and with no frills and the love scenes are extremely erotic. The characters, which just happen to be gay, are positively portrayed. As they fall in love, Cedric and Laurent deal with the sues that love entails and once they realize that what they have is more than just friendship, they have to deal with each other’s expectations of themselves and their families. Cedric is comfortable beige gay and feels that Cedric should come out to his family but Laurent fees that having lost a gay cousin to death and his parent’s anti-gay views would make it excessively hard to do. He loves his parents and does not want to lose them and he resists Cedric’s demands to come out.

The beautiful sets of the film add to the romance going on in the movie. As the movie deals with what it means to be gay and part of a larger society and how to accept yourself without guilt or shame, it shows that one can live his life as all humans do, allowing you to share your experiences with hose you love most.

The film is basically a thesis on having the courage to speak and live life in spite of the odds against you and shows that difference is not bad. There is always hope regardless of obstacles. The positive message the movie sends forth about human love, tolerance and respect and the triumph of the human spirit is something we should seriously think about.

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