“Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert”– what a life!

“Stoddard, Grant. “Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert”, Harper Perennial, 2007.

What a Life!

Amos Lassen

Grant Stoddard became a sex columnist by mistake. He had little experience in neither sex not writing when he took a job as a sex columnist. In “Working Stiff” he tells of his adventures in a hilarious and straight forward manner so if you are looking for light, sexy reading then this is the book for you.

At twenty-two years of age, Stoddard found himself in America and had no idea as to what he would do with his life. Sexually he was inexperienced but then he won an online sex contest and was catapulted into the world of sex. The prize he won was to have intercourse with a famous sex columnist who happened to be married. This liaison brought him to a job at Nerve.com and little by little he found his niche in life. His coworkers set up tests for him and he participated in every one of them. He was used as bait In a gay bar, went to an orgy of the rich, and participated in a sexual home invasion. While all this was happening to himself, all he wanted was to be at home in bed.

He recorded his activities in “Working Stiff” which is a compilation of the places his heart and his sexual organs took him and he did so with wit and humor. It is an x-rated look at sex which is very clever and very, very funny. I laughed aloud as I read about his adventures. “Working Stiff” is an outrageous look at the modern mores of America that is written with great style. It is delightful and fascinating and very readable. Stoddard is perverse and self-depreciating and his appreciation of the absurdity of American sexuality is both smart and appealing. He is the geek of geeks, the nerd of nerds but he has a great deal of heart. He has written a “How To” book about career searching in New York and like he says of himself, he is the “personification of the [wet] dream come true. The book is like sex itself—seductive, fun and exciting.

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