“Iron Boys 4: To Hold a Heart”–romance at last

“Iron Boys 4: To Hold a Heart”

Romance, At Last

Amos Lassen

The fourth compilation of short films from Iron Rod deals with romance and what it is like to hold a heart. With this DVD, the Iron Boys series has almost covered all of the aspects of gay life (but I feel certain that there will be more compilations from this company. I just don’t understand why it took so long for America to discover these gems).

The opening film is the same name as the compilation, “To Hold a Heart”. It looks at two men of different cultures and ages and watches as they try to build something between the two.

“Time Will Tell” from Australia deals with that age old question of what to say when you must say goodbye. What will heal the pain of a break-up?

“No Final Answer” is a lovely Canadian film that occurs on a walk home. Jason hustles Miguel who is taken by the journey with great passion but not just from the sexual promise.

Canada also contributes “Closed Doors” in which a lonely man living in a cold world becomes involved in a relationship in the most improbable ways. He still is forced to face the world and himself.

“Beneath the Surface” is an American short film, a modern fantasy told without words. We see a handsome basketball player bring beauty to the world.

“Join the World” looks at the world of the orgy. Jeremy places an ad in the paper for an orgy and gets much more than he planned or bargained for.

“Room Service” shows us a guy who rose to fame with his television show and then fell to work the streets as a hustler. He is hired by a fan with an obsession for him and shows him how to realize his fantasy.

The final movie is “El Dia de mi Boda” in which the family plans to make Benito and Loly separate on their wedding day.

Again I feel compelled to state that these short films might be lost to us if it were not for Iron Rod Pictures. It is good to have them with us.

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