“Iron Boys 3: Implicacion”– encountering our lives

“Iron Boys 3: Implicacion”

Encountering Our Lives

Amos Lassen

“Iron Boys 3: Implicacion” is a multicultural experience as it depicts different encounters that gay men face. The DVD has the elements of comedy, sex, education and drama.

“Removal” is the story of Andrew who struggles to remove his wedding ring from his finger. As he does so, he remembers the relationship that turned disastrous but had been the reason that he put the ring there in the first place.

“Gender” is a Belgian film which might be classified as a transgender black comedy during which a plastic surgeon removes an integral part of a girl’s father.

From Italy comes “Offerte Specialli” is a great parody on summer sales. One shy and quiet transsexual is about to experience something not soon forgotten.

“Implicacion” is a Spanish comedy in which Mr. Francisco is the enigma. Who is he and what is he hiding? We see him at a meeting with an angry mother who is looking for a certain man.

France gives us “Le Jeu Du Chat”. A French twink meets a very sexy older man who opens himself to adventure. After chatting online, they decide to meet up but did things move a bit to fast?

Another Spanish short is “Pausa” and we watch the windows of the city at daybreak when lives come and go, sliding through the windows of apartment buildings. Privacies are shared as are memories, instincts, desires and fears.

Also from Spain is “Esas Nubes” about how one faces life after the death of his partner/lover. He is forced to face the loneliness, the heartbreak and the emptiness that life has brought him.

“Maricon”, yet another short from Spain shows a young man awakening at 3 AM and realizing that he cannot go back to sleep, dresses and goes out to cruise. (Ever done that?)

Mexico gives us “In Any House” in which a Mexican immigrant returns home to find his son in bed having sex with another young man.

“O Amor No Tempo De Colera” is from Brazil and has the looks of a film from the 1970’s. We see a young man being taken to new heights of pleasure by a “trick”.

Finally, Switzerland gives us a look at a closeted clerk in a photo shop who dreams of lustful affairs with the men in the photos that he develops.

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