“Going Down in La-La Land”– life in Hollywood

Zeffer, Andy. “Going Down in La-La Land”, Harrington Park Press, 2006.

Life in Hollywood

Amos Lassen

“Going Down in La-La Land” is one of those surprise novels that once you pick up, hooks you into reading it in one sitting. It’s sexy and wild and unbelievably funny. Andy Zeffer has written a sort of “how to: manual which explains the things you need to do in order to survive in Hollywood.

Andy Zeller is a gay waiter and actor who follows has dream to be a star and in order to do that he moves from New York City to Los Angeles. He moves in with Candy, a former classmate from high school who, herself, has not been having the best of luck. Andy soon finds out that getting a job is not so easy either as an actor or anything else for that matter and that he is just another pretty boy. He finally lands a job working in production with a gay porn company and when he is offered a part in one of the movies, he mulls over the idea. Once he appears n screen he becomes something of a hot commodity and begins bed-hopping among the closeted men in Hollywood. He ultimately finds what he thinks is the perfect arrangement when he becomes with a closeted TV star.

This is comic entertainment at its best and Zeffer weaves a wonderful story of what many young guys go through when they go to Hollywood for the big break. But all is not comedy. We also get insights into the compromise of the spirit—when things do not go so smoothly.

We see Hollywood as it really is beneath the lights and the glitter. When Andy finally finds himself is wiser than when he began and perhaps a little broken. Everything is totally believable and we see how people are quick to sell their dreams for fame and cash. Everything we have ever heard about the drug abuse, the fast sex and the quest for beauty and fame are here. It is just too bad that it has to happen but it seems to have become a way of life on the West Coast. Zeffer has given us a very true picture of what is undoubtedly semi-autobiographical.

You won’t have to think deeply to read “La-La”. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

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