“Fest Selects: Best Gay Shorts, Volume 1”–First Run Features brings us gay shorts

“Fest Selects: Best Gay Shorts, Vol. 1”

First Run Features Brings Us Gay Shorts

Amos Lassen

Many of us who are not able to make it to film festivals often miss out on some of the new talent especially because the films that they make as shorts. Now First Run Features brings us a collection of shorts that have been making the rounds of the festivals.

“After” which clocks in at 13 minutes is about three teenagers who both love the same high school jock from  afar. Then they witness his death.

“Bedfellows” tells us of Bobby and Jonathan who met at a bar and Bobby nurses a broken heart and he must decide if his adventure with Jonathan was more than just a one-night stand.

Interviews with some New York gay men is the subject of “Curious Thing” as two of the men, one, Jared, closeted and gay and one straight, Sam, look at their relationships and what they can expect. A friendship is formed and it tests what the two men know about love and things take a strange turn.

“Gayby” is one of the very popular shorts on the circuit and it is about gay Matt and straight Jenn who decide to have a baby the way is traditionally done. This is a very funny film and puts friends in a very strange relationship.

“Gaysharktank” looks at twenty-five strangers, all of whom are looking for love in a gay video chat room. Chatroulette.com allows people to become virtual lovers as they engage in meaningless gay chat.

“My Name is Love” from Sweden is about two men whose chance meeting leads to danger. Love and Sebastian share a common secret but their meeting has dangerous repercussions and male rape is one of them.

Ever wonder if a mouse, a gay man and a cockroach have anything in common? You may find out in “Mouse’s Birthday”. This is a four-part story about a gay man who represents gluttony, lust, vanity and homophobia and in essence, this short looks at drag.

Finally, “Steam” takes place in a steam bath where two strangers discover their pasts. The two men have oral sex and when one gets up to leave he cannot find the door and since neither guy can figure out what has happened each accuses the other.

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