“Iron Boys 2: The Last Secret”– unseen realities

“Iron Boys 2: The Last Secret”

Unseen Realities

Amos Lassen

Unlike “Iron Boys 1: No Ordinary Joe”, “Iron Boys 2: The Last Secret” is made up of fewer films but the compilation allows us to see a side of life that we are not usually privy to. These films are darkly dramatic as we watch reality on the screen. We have five dramatic films that share one theme but each is strong enough to stand on its own.

“The Last Secret” is one film that I can easily identify with. It is the tragic story of a young man who harbors a secret crush on one of his male teachers. He is afraid to tell anyone about it and rather than admit his feelings, he commits suicide. There was a time when gay-themed movies all seemed to end like this and we can see how far we have come.

“The Invitation” deals with a young man who is dying. He is extremely lacking in social skills and cannot find a way to bring about interaction with others. When he learns that he is dying and that death is nearby, he organizes his own funeral and invites the public to attend. What he was unable to accomplish in life, he was able to do in death.

“Quintessence” is a heartbreaker. A man’s lover is dying of AIDS. His lover goes for last visit only to find his partner missing and his angry sister there.

“Our Father” tells of how two sons find a stack of love letters in their father’s possessions after he dies. They were not aware that the father had anyone in his life and tensions get quite high when the sons begin to suspect that the writer of the letters was a male.

Finally there is “Blessing” is about Mormons and a gay young man. When his father suffered a heart attack, the elders of the Mormon fait conduct a blessing ceremony that the gay son asks to participate in.

These are by no means “happy films” but they are important ones. “Iron Boys 2” is a beautiful compilation of meaningful shorts and must be appreciated as just that.

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