“Undoing Gender”–living liveable life

Butler, Judith. “Undoing Gender, Routledge, 2004.

Living Livable Life

Amos Lassen

Judith Butler’s “Undoing Gender” is a much easier book to read than “Gender Trouble” and it gives us a great deal of food for thought. The book is a rather provocative look of the normative structure of gender and how those who do not fit into the “traditional” gender binary of male/female are able to have lives of livability. The book is accessible and it continues where “Gender Trouble” stopped. In showing how gender affects people but without ideas to do to change our opinions about gender—these are left to the reader.

Butler shows her intelligence and sometimes this does not make for an easy read. However, her language is clear. This is a book that demands careful thought and consideration.  Scholars who study gender should be aware of what gender is all about more than the average person and that, in my mind, is what this book seeks to do. We have the right of gender expression as protected by our rights as humans and the same can be said of sexual orientation.

“Undoing Gender” is a great place to start for anyone interested in post-structuralism.  But a word of warning—you must be ready to take time and effort to read Butler.

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