“INNOCENT”– life and gay love


Life and Gay Love

Amos Lassen

“Innocent” is sensitive and romantic as it deals with a young man who deals with life and his realization that he as found gay love.

Eric Tang is seventeen years old and h and his family has moved from Hong Kong to Canada. It is not easy for the family. They face the daily struggle of finances and adapting to a new cultural environment.

Eric falls very quickly for his cousin—a very good looking hockey player. But he also is enamored by a middle aged lawyer and a classmate James, as well. It seems that these love feelings that he has is a wake up call about his sexuality. The guys he loves do not seem to love him back. When the family’s restaurant and the family ties start to be unsuccessful, Eric finds a friend with an illegal immigrant and what happens afterwards can only lead to unforeseen consequences.

The film is nothing more than a study of desire but do not misunderstand the meaning of the word to be negative. Youthful desire is beautifully explored in “Innocent”. Timothy Lee as Eric is perfect. He is able to balance vulnerability and his own non-innocent feelings. This is not a big movie but t packs a large wallop.

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