“The Handyman’s Dream”– two guys in love

Poff, Nick. “The Handyman’s Dream”. AuthorHOUSE, 2005.

Two Guys in Love

Amos Lassen

We all seek true love and it seems that it always eludes us. There are times we find it and accidentally let it go because we are afraid to face the way we really feel. In “he Handyman’s Dream”, Nick Poff gives us Ed and Rick, tow lonely men who badly want to love. Sometimes the book is a little two sweet but this is a romance novel and I suppose we should expect that. Yet I read the book thinking to myself what a beautiful depiction of love is painted here. The way the characters face the trials and tribulations of falling in live is beautifully portrayed. There is really no conflict or resolution just a lot of love

It seems just to easy for Nick and Ed. They live in a world where there is no prejudice against gays, in a perfect world. They did not really have t work at building their relationship—it just happened naturally. Their relationship is just too easy—no major conflict or tension.

“The Handyman’s Dream” is written with warmth, optimism and humor and is a good read for anyone who has ever fantasized about true love.

Ed is the handyman of the small town of Porterfield, Indiana where he lives and knows that the chances of finding love there are nil. There are only a 1000 residents there so he is truly shocked when the man he has dreamed of appears as his mailman. He finagles a way to meet him and is delighted to learn that he is also as gay and lonely as is.

When they meet, sparks fly and as Ed and Rick fall in love, their loneliness is swept away. The only problem they face is whether or not the place where they live will be tolerant enough for them to build a life together.

Because their relationship is so easy, the book suffers. The only conflict is small and between them. When the two guys meet they realize their mutual attraction and the only problem they face is how each may have to change for the other.

Rick had recently moved to Ed’s town to help his sister raise her three children and although he was not conscientiously looking he knew that when he Met Ed he had met the man of his dreams.

There are other characters as well. Ed’s mother, somewhat of a nag, adds some real comedy and Ed’s high school English teacher provides guidance as to how to make a relationship work.

This is a sleeper of a novel and it is a good easy read if you are into romance. It is heartwarming as it tells the story of two ordinary guys who live ordinary lives and how they manage to overcome the homophobia of small town life. It is the plainness of the story that gives it its charm. I could not help be taken in by the story and it is a very believable story. There is not a lot new here, no earth shaking conventions, just a good down to earth story of two guys in love.

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