“The Filly”–homo on the range

Probst, Mark R. “The Filly”, Cheyenne Publishing, 2007.

Homo on the Range

Amos Lassen

Travis is a handsome cowboy who passes though a small town in Texas. While visiting the general store, he meets Ethan, a sheltered seventeen year old “nerd”. Travis becomes immediately enchanted with Ethan and Ethan finds Travis’ attention intriguing. Travis cajoles Ethan into signing on to a cattle drive and on their way there. Ethan gets a peek of Travis bathing in the river and he becomes aroused at the sight of Travis’ naked body. Ethan realizes that he feels more than friendship for Travis and the two men begin to build a relationship, a life together in the West and they are forced into facing problems and dealing with them if their love is to survive.

Mark Probst has given us wonderful characters in Travis and Ethan and he develops them with a sublime flair. I especially fell in love with Ethan, the innocent young man who has his feelings awakened by cowboy Travis. As the relationship between the two men is developed. Probst brings the reader into the narrative as he uses sensitive and simple language. I actually anticipated some hot sex scenes and was surprised that the sex is implied rather than outwardly erotic. The book charmed me and kept me well entertained. I am not particularly into the whole gay cowboy subculture and would prefer not to watch cowboy movies so I must admit that I was fairly sure that this book would not appeal to me. Then I started to read it and found myself being a “homo on the range”.

I must say that I was surprised that a first novel could keep me interested for the entire book and if this is a sign of what is to come from Mark Probst, then we should be getting some more wonderful writing from him. For me, at least, he gave a whole new aspect to the West and I wonder if I should think about exploring being a cowboy a little more deeply.

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