“The Cure for Sodomy”– blistering, raunchy fun

Shakin, Ken. “The Cure for Sodomy”, Fanny Press, 2010.

Blistering, Raunchy Fun

Amos Lassen

Sometimes a bad attitude can be fun to read about as in “The Case for Sodomy” a hot new novel. It is erotic and raunchy and well written, honest and rude at the same time and also very funny. The novel tells about gay life until the 21st century began some seven years ago. It is almost as if erotica and investigative reporting were stirred up together and served to you hot. “The Cure for Sodomy” is a satire on the way we live and it must be taken as such. It will hit your emotions hard and you won’t know whether to laugh or cry or both.

Shakin manages to mesh gossip and history together to give us a truly entertaining read. Here is the story of the sodomites but more specifically of a youth who is oversexed, a good Catholic boy who takes the cure for homosexuality. We sometimes forget that sodomy is still considered a crime in several states in America.

We are taken on a rough ride to Sodom in a story of desire that never seems to end. It is the story of the need for sexual release in a world that will not allow it to happen. As we listen to two guys discussing the state of sexuality in the modern world (over a cup of coffee). What they talk about is a revelation which is cruel and funny, absurd and outrageous but it is a story of perversity in the modern world.

This is one of those books that will capture you from the first page. While the sex is very hot, it is the humor of the book that makes it a winner. Yet it is not overt humor—it is hidden between the lines. Using the freaks of New York City as his main characters, Shakin delivers many plays on words.

It is almost impossible not to like this book. It is so clever and so wild that it just grabs you and doesn’t let you go. You will remember it for a long, long time and every once in a while you will still have a chuckle about it.

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