“Thai Died: A Stud Draqual Mystery”– Thai Silk

Maltese, William. “Thai Died: A Stud Draqual Mystery”, Green Candy Press, 2007.

Thai Silk

Amos Lassen

Stud Draqual is back. After his wonderful successful appearance in “A Slip to Die For”, William Maltese treats us to another adventure with our silk merchant.

The book is laden with mystery—there are several here, with characters—they are many and multifaceted, with sex—the book drips. We have a wonderful mixture of different forms of fiction here replete with all one looks for in an enjoyable read. Our hero, Stud, is in Thailand to buy—what else?—silk. While there he avoids gunfire and bombs, murder and crises as he hopes to do business and enjoy the pleasures of the country. He suddenly is aware that he is being stalked by a young and handsome mercenary, Jack Billing. Before he realizes watt is appending he is face down in the well of a water taxi and being bombarded with bullets.

It seems that Jack has somehow been involved or reputed to have been involved with the murder of a male hustler whose body turned up at his front door. It is Jack’s plan to get Stud to help him prove his innocence.

Maltese is perhaps best known for his eroticism and he has done it again in this book. He has managed to tell a fascinating story and give t the sex it needs to push it forward—and forward it goes at record speed. As far as being a good storyteller, let me tell you that Maltese is great. From the moment you start one of his books, you do not want to stop. And “Thai Died” is no exception. I sat engrossed with the story and all I could think of was why had I not read him earlier. I met Maltese over the internet and have now read abut six of his books. I guess I have my summer reading cut out for me.

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