“Scion’s Blood”–book II of the chronicles of Firma

Childs, Pat Nelson. “Scion’s Blood”, Glynworks Publishing, 2007.

Book Two of the Chronicles of Firma

Amos Lassen

I first encountered Pat Nelson Childs when a friend recommended “Orphan’s Quest” to me. I was sure I would not like it as I am really not a reader of science-fiction. I had prepared myself by convincing myself to be objective and to attempt to read with an open mind and before I knew it I was turning pages quickly and wanting to sit and keep reading all day. The book mesmerized me and when I closed the covers, I felt as if I had lost a friend. I am happy to say that my friend is back with “Scion’s Blood”, the sequel to “Orphan’s Quest”. As yes, it is as good as the first book and in fact it is even better.

Childs’ first book kept me riveted and “Scion’s Blood” did the same. Romance, self-discovery and lots of adventure come together to give a magical read. Reading Childs is like going on vacation to a place where everything is new and awaits discovery.

To talk about the plot would not be fair—I do not want to spoil anyone’s read. But I will tell you this—here is a book that will not be soon forgotten. I love the way the author dealt so subtly with the gay subplot which makes love seem so natural and so real as it should be. The book is great for both adults and young readers. It is tasteful and beautifully written. The only problem I have is that now I will have to wait once again until Rokey and Flaskamper return in “Numen’s Trial”, the final installment of the Chronicles of Firma.

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