“Rock Hudson: His Story”–he was just a man

Hudson, Rock and Sara Davidson. “Rock Hudson: His Story”. Carroll and Graf, 2007 (reprint), Aids Research Foundation, 1986.

He Was Just a Man

Amos Lassen

“Rock Hudson: His Story” was written at his request and is the definitive story of one of America’s movie icons. When we learned that Rock Hudson, America’s handsome leading man, was dying of AIDS we were shocked. Or were we? There had always been rumors of his being gay and when he was diagnosed, he, himself, decided to let the public know the “real story of his life”. He and his closest colleagues and friends cooperated with author Sara Davidson to produce this authorized biography and to tell us who Rock Hudson really was. The result is an interesting book that takes us into the star’s intimate life. We hear from Doris Day, Juliet Prowse, Susan Saint James and others ad Davidson also looked at interviews and letters, photographs and other documents as well as scrapbooks that Hudson’s mother had kept.

Rock Hudson was a private man but when he realized that his life was nearing its end he decided it was time to be truthful because as he said about the story of his life, “it sure as hell hasn’t been told before.” There are no sordid details, no sexual escapades. He tells of his life as any of us might, simply and caringly. Now that he is gone, we can only attest to the book’s accuracy by believing what he said that this is definitive life story.

The book is simple and requires no thought but that does not mean it is a not a good read. There s no gossip, no stories about clandestine love/sex affairs. There is truth and it is presented in a straightforward manner. I am sure that more exotic and erotic books will come to be, but this is the one that Hudson wants us to read so let’s accept that.

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