“Rainbow Road”– the road to self-discovery

Sanchez, Alex. “Rainbow Road”, Simon and Shuster, 2005.

The Road to Self Discovery

Amos Lassen

Alex Sanchez has done so much for gay youth by writing his “Rainbow” books. “Rainbow Road” follows “Rainbow Boys” and “Rainbow High” and continues the coming of age and self-acceptance cycle and we are so lucky to have it.

The three characters, Kyle, Jason and Nelson are back in this third bok and they are taking a road trip frm Washington, D.C. to Las Angeles. Sanchez captures the emotions that the boys experience while traveling and we see how much they have matured. Kyle is no longer the “perfect” kid and Jason is aware that he can screw up. We get to see Kyle’s flaws and we watch Jason question his sexuality. Jason and Kyle’s relationship has seen some rough times and it goes theough even more o the trip. Even though they fight, their relationship grows stronger.

Nelson, on the other hand, is a series of unrequited crushes and a one night stand. Nelson does becme closer to Jason.

In this book we do not have to spend time getting to know the characters as we did that so carefully in the other two books

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