“Q-FAQ”– sexual repression


Bacchus, Tom. “Q-Faq”. The Haworth Press, 2007,

Sexual Repression

Amos Lassen

Due out on October 31 is a fantastic new novel from The Haworth Press, “Q-Faq” by Thomas Bacchus. “Q-Faq” takes a look at modern culture and turns it on its ear. Full of irreverent humor and sensuality, the book is aimed at poking holes at the American dream.

We go along with Afaik, a gay Arab and alleged terrorist on a journey to the future. His home in Manhattan has been bombed by American rightwing agents who, in order to advance their campaign of their newly elected political movement, the Puritan party, create acts of terrorism. Afaik managed to escape the attack and is safe in the arms of Aces Bannon, a hunky soldier, who has access to replacement parts. The United States has become the Divided States of America and Afaik and Aces cover the country in search of an underground network of very sexy arms dealers, pilots and circuit partygoers. What we get is a wonderful combination of science fiction and sexiness as we visit the world of the future.

It is rare for me to laugh aloud when reading but I found myself chuckling all the way through the novel. Bacchus writes wonderful satire as he combines the two elements of humor and raw sex. His feel for the English language is absolutely amazing and his descriptions are vivid. The characters of Afaik and Aces jump off the page at you and you feel that you are right there with them as they try to bring America back to its senses. The blurb on the cover describes the book as a “nightmare/comedy” and that is just the perfect way of saying what it is all about. “Q-Faq” is also a prime example of what is now referred to as postmodern writing as it brings together satire with porn and poetry and politics. I could not have asked for anything more and I predict that this book will capture the hearts and minds of the gay reading community. It is a wonderful read and just plain fun.

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