“Outbursts!: A Gay and Lesbian Erotic Thesaurus”–need a word to describe….?

Peterkin, A.D., “Outbursts!: A Queer Erotic Thesaurus”

Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003

Need a Word to Describe…?

Amos Lassen

Have you ever fished for forbidden trout before you cleaned up the kitchen? What was it like when you performed that Hooverism? Did you have a look at his Hawaiian eye? Did you pick him up at the birdcage? Have you ever spoken German at a cocktail party? And you ladies, do you often make scissors? Have you been tap dancing lately or visit with Marty |Machlia? What did you think of those Barnes and Nobles?

If you have any idea of what I am talking about you do not need this book. I, however, had never heard any of these terms before and have no intention of defining them. If you want to know what they mean, you have to read “Outbursts!” There are names there for all those parts of our bodies we hold dear as well as for the activities we lovingly engage in. A.D. Peterkin has compiled a volume that has names of everything (and in any case photographs to match.

There has always been slang for erotic activities and nicknames for the parts of the body that we use in the pursuit of pleasure. In gay and lesbian life, the terms change with the times and this has often been necessary so that the straight world will not know what we are talking about. (However, in many instances, we also did not understand what we were talking about—think “cootie” or “poperine pair”). Here is a book that will answer all of your questions and increase your vocabulary at the same time. Peterkin has given us the basis for a codified language that only we will understand and even if you never use the words, you will laugh at loud when you read them. He shows how euphemism, camp language, rhyme, foreign language, mythology, metaphor and acronym have colored the language we speak. This language, the new linguistics Peterkin gives us is the personification of queerness.

Peterkin explains the quotations we see in online ads and chat rooms so we will never have to wonder again what MBA means (mutually beneficial arrangement) or what MOMD is. This is an invaluable book. In this progressive thesaurus, the language of sex is demystified and it dares to go where no other thesaurus as gone before. It is must for all of us who want to know what that good looking fundillo is saying when he talks about his gravy maker and wants you to do the Jack and Jillathon with him. Just make sure your okra and prunes and not lost in the carpet and that you keep the drapes drawn.

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