“Out of the Mouths of Queers: A Compilation of Bon Mots, Words of Wisdom and Sassy Sayings”– great lines

McHugh, Erin. “Out of the Mouth of Queers: A Compilation of Bon Mots, Words of Wisdom, and Sassy Sayings”, Alyson, 2007.

Great Lines

Amos Lassen

I may never be at a loss for words again. The great little book “Out of the Mouth of Queers” has great sayings for every occasion and Erin McHugh has done a wonderful job of putting them in a concise little volume which is part of the three volume “The Portable Queer” series. The book is just the right size to put in your pocket and that way you never have to go far to find just the right thing to say.

The book is conveniently organized into categories including “life”, “love”, “sex”, and “words of wisdom” to name a few. There are some really wonderful quotes here and it is a great deal of fun to read through the book and then earmark for either later usage or perusal.

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