“One Size Fits All”–and the Oscar goes to………….

Johnson, Ben Patrick. “One Size Fits All”, Alyson, 2007.

And the Oscar Goes to………

Amos Lassen

There are some books that are just fun to read. They require little thought and you just immerse yourself into them and enjoy. Ben Patrick Johnson has written such a book with “One Size Fits All”. You just sit down, open the covers and have a really good read. Johnson, himself, is voice-over actor and you have probably heard his voice introducing such TV shows as “Entertainment Tonight” and “Judge Joe Brown” as well as in several major motion picture trailers.

“One Size Fits All” is the story of Nelson Vargas who is simply a nobody at least until a magazine in Los Angeles runs a profile on him and refers to him as a hot young designer. That was all it took for him to become a “who’s who” with the hoi polloi of Hollywood. Everything worked cut perfectly as Nelson hit the wire just as awards time was about to begin. Three Oscar nominees for best actress simply have nothing to wear for the big night and come begging Nelson to design “THE” dress. Now the problem is simple. He has the idea for the perfect dress but e has promised it to the three different women. If he gives the dress to the wrong woman, he will never be able to eat lunch in Hollywood again. Nelson has a decision to make and it isn’t an easy one.

We love awards shows and we love to see what everyone is wearing so we understand Nelson’s dilemma here–the legend, the newcomer or the class act. For me to go into any more detail would spoil your reading fun but before I tell you to rush out and get this book, let’s look at the women. Mamie Redbird has never received an Oscar and she is a Hollywood legend; it may just be her year. Katie Glassman, on the other hand is one of the new breed of Hollywood; she is young, she is hot and she has the will to succeed. Iris Bolin, an African-American actress is determined to win the award to prove she is a serious actress. The same problem stands in the minds of the three women—what to wear. And Nelson has designed the perfect dress of which he has promised to all three women.

This is an easy book to read and it is amusing and just plain fun. We love the Oscars and the added intrigue makes them just that much better and certainly more fun.

There are really interesting characters and good Hollywood dish and this is just the book to make you forget the heat of summer.

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