“Beautiful Boys”–an erotic anthology

LaBonte, Richard (editor), “Beautiful Boys : Gay Erotic Stories”. Cleis Press, 2011.

An Erotic Anthology

Amos Lassen

Leave it to Cleis Press to provide us with some really good erotica. This collection has something for everyone as we have all kinds of boys from the wholesome boy next door to the town jock. We have first sexual experiences and those that might have been had the circumstances and time been different, a three-way and sex at a funeral and what we see is that boys will be boys and that gay boys think about sex.

The book glorifies the young and these stories are very hot. Do I have a favorite? I don’t think I do. This is one of those anthologies that can be read again and again and it will always satisfy. I suppose to call it a fun read is a bit mild as it is really much more than that.

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