“A Secret Edge”– sensitive coming of age

Reardon, Robin. “A Secret Edge”, Kensington, 2007.

Sensitive Coming of Age

Amos Lassen

Coming of age and coming out stories have always been a staple of gay literature. Most of these are tiring and tell the same story in different words. Then we have Robin Reardon’s “A Secret Edge”. This is a surprise of a book. It is sensitive and real and tells of young love in a way I have not found in a very long time. It is a beautiful rendering of young gay love and it will warm even the blackest of hearts. It is fun and compelling. It is not just a coming of age story but it is also about ideas that are not usually discussed in young, new fiction. Some of the issues that are dealt with are family dynamics, honesty, friendship, cultural dynamics, morality and religion in a world where valence is kept to a minimum.

Jason is a 16 year old who as to deal with his feelings about being gay and falling in love at the same time. It is not enough that he has fallen in love but he has fallen in love with someone from a completely different background. The object of his affection is afraid to return the feelings even though he is somewhat out. The trials and tribulations f young love permeate the plot and this s a beautiful read.

Reardon’s prose is as sensitive as his characters are. He tells a beautiful story in a way that will not be easily forgotten. There is so much in this book to like that t is somewhat hard to even try to relate. I feel that we should keep our eyes on Robin Reardon. I believe he has what it takes to be a very serious author. If  “Secret Edge” is indicative of more yet to come the we will have wonderful literary treats awaiting us. Reardon is one to watch but while you are watching, pick up a copy of “A Secret Edge”.

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