“ROCK HUDSON’S HOME MOVIES”–another look at Hudson

“Rock Hudson’s Home Movies”

Another Look at Hudson

Amos Lassen

I don’t know why I never watched this movie especially because the title is so intriguing. It begins with Eric Farr saying the words of Rock Hudson and this is followed by clips from Hudson’s movies and from them he can see how he leans toward being a gay male. Unresolved relationships with women, Hudson with men, his cruising, and the embarrassments of some of his comedies—supposedly he never hid his sexuality and it was right there in our faces and we ignored it. We see Hudson as both masculine and vulnerable and as a man who depends upon others.

Interesting that we have not seen some of these clips before and if we had we certainly did not see them as attesting to Hudson’s homosexuality. Rappaport deliberately looked for the kinds of clips that he presents here and because, many times, they are taken out of contest, I am not sure how honest a picture we get. The director certainly allowed his imagination to run away with him but this is interesting nevertheless.

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