“Naked: The Life and Pornography of Michael Lucas”– Lucas Superman

Taylor, Corey. “Naked: The Life and Pornography of Michael Lucas”, Kensington Books, 2007.

Lucas Superman

Amos Lassen

Now that pornography has become part of modern American life, more and more people are aware of it but how many people besides gay men have any idea of who Michael Lucas is. After reading Corey Taylor’s biography of Lucas, I can tell you that he is quite a man—cultured, educated and a brilliant businessman who has made a fortune as a porn producer, director and actor. He also exudes charisma.

Born to humble Russian beginnings in 1972 as Andrei Treyvas, he immigrated to the United States in the mid 90’s. He is a former male prostitute and an outspoken advocate for safe sex and social justice. His first porn movie was heterosexual “trash” but he quickly moved to gay fare and made a lot of money and won a lot of awards. His DVD sales are among the highest in the porn industry. He maintains a relatively anonymous lifestyle.

We see a completely different Michael Lucas in this book that we see on video. Taylor has written a biography that is full of life and interesting tidbits. Lucas completely reshaped the gay porn industry and the fact that Lucas is a man with a big heart (among other things) makes this book all the more readable and endearing. He chased a dream and caught it and he personifies those who come to America to live a good life.

The biography looks at the industry of gay porn through the eyes of a man who has helped shape it. Because Lucas was both a Jew and a homosexual, he felt compelled to leave his native Russia and after two years of prostitution in Eastern Europe and came to America. He had experiences with those in the drug trade even though he, himself, is not a user. In fact, he does not drink, smoke or take drugs. Beginning his gay porn career with what was then the best of companies, Falcon, he eventually left after making four movies and in 1998 he started Lucas Productions.

Focusing on himself as a businessman, his operation quickly grew. He has special requirements for his actors and his movies are all professional to the letter of the word,

For all of you who like the “dirt”, it is also there. Sordid stories populate the pages but there is also a legitimate commentary on the nature and importance of porn.

This is another of those books you won’t put down until you finish it. It is fascinating and well written and a tribute to a man who deserves to have his story told.

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