“Man Talk: The Gay Couple’s Communication Guide”–talking it over

Kaminsky, Neil. “Man Talk: The Gay Couple’s Communication Guide”, The Haworth Press, 2007.

Talking it Over

Amos Lassen

“Man Talk” by Neil Kaminsky is a great book to help us learn to recognize and resolve any problems that we have in communication in common gay male relationships. Sometimes we have trouble saying what we really mean to say. Effective communication is the key to a better relationship. Kaminsky gives us a practical guide to improving our communication skills and looks at the problems that create problems in communication, The strategies that he provides are easy-to-use and they allow for a greater understanding of feelings and resolving of arguments. He shows how to repress anger and utilize non-verbal communication as well as keys to improving listening skills and ways to show love and appreciation and deal with issues which are found in interracial and intercultural relationships.

Kaminsky looks at the dilemmas that gay couples are faced with when they decide to remain together or even if they choose to separate and have a need to communicate.

Two of the best chapters concern sex and anger and after reading the entire book I feel more equipped to deal with issues that I may face.

What Kaminsky uses is common sense and by doing so he presents comprehensive advice.

Communication is a subject that is not often explored in the areas of gay male intimacy and relationships. Kaminsky’s explanations are clear and concise as well as filled with wit. He combines clinical research with common sense and humor to show us how better to use the tools of communication. He uses no technical language and the book is written quite simply.

Anger is one way to kill a relationship and Kaminsky adroitly shows us how to deal with it. He gives suggested exercises for both sides and these exercises greatly enhance what he says.

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