“Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica”–all new, all erotic

Schimel, Lawrence, editor. “The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica”, Carroll & Graf, 2007.

All New, All Erotic

Amos Lassen

Erotica does not appeal to all but if you are of the people that like it, here is the book for you. This is a big book about and by gay men that extends beyond the genre of erotica. The inclusions that were selected by Lawrence Schimel, an author in his own right, represent gay and queer life without the usual stereotypes and document reality and fantasy alike. This is a collection to be admired showcasing the best of gay literature but in an erotic vein. Explicit and bold and sublime and refined, the erotica contained in this volume ranges fro the gutsy to the profound, from the down and dirty to beautiful prose.

Some of the stories were commissioned for this volume and others ar reprints of some truly exceptional works of short fiction. The contributors hail from all over the world and include many, many familiar names. Among them is our guest to the Arkansas Literary Festival, Andrew Holleran with his amazing story “The Bureaucrat” written in 2007. There are also pieces from Trebor Healey (“Sweet Son of Pan”), William J. Mann (“Men Who Love Men”), Matthew Rettenmund (“Boy Culture”), Shaun Levin (“A Year of Two Summers”) and the editor himself. There is an additional 27 other selections.

Much traditional pornographic fiction comes about from an encounter with a stranger but in this volume there are selections in all stages of relationships-from anonymous groupings and/or couplings to stories about long-term relationships. The one constant is the aspect of desire that is present in all.

Mainstream society is now attuned to the lives of gays and is aware of the powerful impact that stories like these can have and erotica is not just limited to gay men. There is, believe it or not, something for everyone here.
I am not able to pick out favorites so I cannot give you a preview. I enjoyed all of the selections in this very comprehensive book. It is perfect for a light read and I recommend it highly.

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