“I Wrote This Song”–growing up gay

Avery, Dayne. “I Wrote this Song”, Booksurge, 2004.

Growing Up Gay

Amos Lassen

Dayne Avery has written quite a book with “I Wrote this Song”, a powerful, passionate and emotional novel. He manages to capture the range of human emotions and creates real characters with real issues and that life and love are very complicated and complex. Avery gives us the duality of love—that it is both beautiful and painful.

“I Wrote this Song” is the story of Jayson, an African American student who is severely and savagely beaten by his father who discovers that he has been having gay sex. As Jayson tries to write the song of life, he faces problems and his relationship with his father being one of them. He is a romantic and hopelessly so and he is the kind of guy that you can’t help but love. When Jayson accepts his homosexuality, he runs away to be himself, ending up in Atlanta where he becomes a college student, finds great sex and meets his boyfriend. However, he does not have an easy time of it all and he begins dependence on what life brings him without going out of his way to create new situations—he just sits and waits for things to happen. We soon realize, that even with all of his charm, he is still very young and still has a lot of maturing to do. We get a sincere look at how naïve and how tenable youth can be.

Avery’s tale is both believable and powerful and while it satisfies somewhat, it also left me wanting a little more. Avery gives us reality in all of its aspects but he just opens the door a little bit—I can see where he could have walked through it. The writing has style and pulls the reader in almost immediately. The book is written in a way that it is not just a story, it is an adventure. It is not just a novel—it is almost a photograph of growing up gay.

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