“Homo Domesticus: Notes from a Same Sex Marriage”–sane, smart and funny

Greenwood, David Valdes, “Homo Domesticus: Notes from a Same-Sex Marriage”, DeCapo Press, 2007.

Sane, Smart and Funny

Amos Lassen

With so much in the news right now about same-sex marriage and the rights of gay couples, it was only a matter of time until someone involved in a same-sex marriage would write a book about it. We should be very happy that David Valdes Greenwood is the one to do so.

Greenwood gives us an honest and very funny look at his experiences as a married man. Of course, the issue here is that he is married to another man and herein lies the difference. We see that there is not that much different between a same-sex marriage and the other kid (for lack of a better term). Marriages all have problems and they are basically the same kinds, regardless of the genders of the couples involved. This is the key to enjoying this book, “Homo Domesticus”. Here is an intelligently written account that looks at a gay married couple. Greenwood looks at his own marriage and draws upon it to give advice to others. We see the ups and the downs of two men building a life together in a world where the odds

outnumber the chances of success.

Wittingly told, the story of this marriage is heartwarming. There are no stereotypes, everything is presented realistically. We see that we as gay men have the same kinds of problems as everyone else and building and maintaining a relationship is not an easy chore. The issues of acceptance and adoption seem to be the major crosses we have to bear. “Homo Domesticus” is candid, especially about the relationship Greenwood shares with his spouse. We learn of how they met how they dated and then drifted apart and then marred and adopted a child. The description is beautiful and the writing is clear. This is one of those books that should be read by all who are concerned with same-sex marriage and acceptance.

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