“Bound in Flesh”–the bond continues

Lord, David Thomas, “Bound in Flesh”. Kensington Books, 2006

The Bond Continues

Amos Lassen

One thing that I must say before I review “Bound in Flesh” is that Kensington Books continually turns out interesting books to read. My contact there, Craig Bentley, always makes sure that I am in the know as to what is coming out and then graciously sends me review copies. I always look forward to publications from Kensington and I have yet to be let down by anything I have read from them.

Some of you may recognize the author, David Thomas Lord, from his first novel, “Bound in Blood”. In it he began his gay vampire saga. The story continues with “Bound in Flesh”, an erotic thriller. Using the catch phrase “when life ends, pleasure begins…”, you know you are in for some exciting reading.

Our main character, Jean-Luc “Jack” Courbet is an art critic with a secret that he shares with his partner, an actor and model, Claude Halloran. This secret has taken the lives of many but it has also given others eternal life—as vampires. Jack is over a hundred years old having been brought into the world of the dark by his stepfather and he himself has brought Claude into the fold. Together they are creatures of the night. The world is theirs and they travel it—from the U.S. to France, New York to Las Vegas, their meals are everywhere.

It seems that the gay lifestyle has a great deal of similarity with the vampire way of life. We are both creatures of the dark as we, like vampires, roam the clubs and bars looking for satisfaction. Our desires and our hungers are very much the same even if the ways we go about achieving satisfaction is not quite the same. Unlike us, vampires are able to create legions of followers who stay with them; even after death. We should also be so lucky as to have our conquests worship us after a night of pleasure. In many case, we cannot be bothere3d to say hello to them after the initial tryst is over.

In this novel, one of the newly acquired “lovers” is not as loyal as other vampires that they have created have been. Perhaps Jack AND Claude had stepped out of their realm when they came across Mike O’Donald an ex-cop. WHEN Jack created him there was something that was not quite the same, somehow he was created with a sense of revenge. From a friend, O’Donald has learned the secrets of Tantric sex magic. Mike is determined now to save Las Vegas, Sin City, from the ravages of Jack and Clause’s vampirism. Mike, alone, can save the helpless since he possesses the powers to do so.

For those of you who fell in love with Lestat, the homoerotic vampire created by Anne Rice, you will love this book. Rice’s book are homoerotic by association, Lord’s are downright erotic and his creations are beautiful and sensual, exciting and brutal. His prose is magical and he sweeps you into the story magically. The world of vampires has always reflected sensuality and gays have always been swept up by vampire stories. What Lord has done is to elevate the whole genre of vampirism to literature, perhaps not to the level of Bram Stoker, but who knows? Time will tell. I tell you this now. This is a helluva book. I did not stop reading until I closed it for good. I sat there mesmerized on a Saturday afternoon and savored the entire novel in one sitting. Now I am a bit sorry—it’s over and I may have a long time to wait until a sequel I did not do that with Anne Rice. I would spread her out to a chapter or two a day and sometimes found that I was forcing myself to read. With Lord, I sat down, opened the book and did not get up until it was finished. How many times does a book compel us so? I think that once you read it, you will agree with me.

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