“Hex: A Novel of Love Spells”–witchcraft and sensuality

Scott, Darieck. “Hex”. Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2007

Witchcraft and Sensuality

Amos Lassen

“Hex” happens in Miami sometime in the near future right after the death of Fidel Castro has been announced and the Cuban Americans take to the street at the same time that dislocated Cubans do the same everywhere.

While the people of are either reveling or mourning, two visiting graduate students, Azaril and Langston, search for a friend who has mysteriously disappeared. Damian, a friend of the two, a seducer with a great deal of charisma managed to draw the two men into his web, seems to have vanished. As the two men attempt to locate him, they go to Langston’s aunt, a renowned psychic, whose feelings, hunches and cryptic warnings lead the men to both New Haven and New York and they become enmeshed in an investigation of Damian’s family history which brings about the attention of hostile forces and the supernatural.

What ensues is a web of intrigue, a visit to the supernatural and a series of strange occurrences that had me chewing my fingernails and checking to make sure that my door was locked.

The story is told in a series of mult9i-layered events and as you turn the pages, things get eerier and eerier. Scott explores so many different ideas in this book but he especially dwells on or relationships with Cuban Americans and shows us a great deal about their lifestyle. There is a great deal of imagination here and enough subplots to keep you thinking.

I found the style to be easy to read and even though I am somewhat familiar with voodoo (being from New Orleans) it was nice to have everything so beautifully spelled out for me. The characters are wonderfully created and defined, the language is easy to read and the entire book was an experience that I welcomed. This is a book to watch. I have a feeling it is going to be a big hit in literary markets. Remember where you first heard about it.

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