“Gay Blades”–all about Garry

Tyler, Ben. “Gay Blades”. Kensington Books, 2003.

All About Garry

Amos Lassen

I love to read Ben Tyler. He is no great author but it is so easy to get wrapped up in his books—like Jackie Collins he tells a good story. If any of you have read “Tricks of the Trade”, “Hunk House” or “One Night Stand” by Tyler, you know what I mean. In all of the excitement with Katrina and my move to Arkansas, I missed “Gay Blades”, his newest book so when I received a package of new releases from Kensington and found it inside, I immediately sat down to make up for lost time.

Tyler writes seductive novels—fast action, characters who are ruthless, and lots of sex. Great literature, “Gay Blades” is not but fun reading it definitely is. The book is a mindless and relaxing read with a lot of adventure and hot sex.

“Gay Blades” is a campy look at the gay male skating world with all of its tackiness. It tells of what happens when skaters with talent do not rise to the level of greatness but still want to earn money by skating. It is a novel full of fantasies and sex of every variety. There is also a subplot about monogamy and what love means.

The world of skating is a different world than the one we know. It is a very gay world. Garry Windsor is a skater who one had great promise until he fell on his butt during his one-shot Olympic program and that one fall cost him his big hopes of being a champion. He is relegated to skating in a glittery, fluff show. “Gold on Ice”.

When the tour arrives in Clarksville, Missouri, the skaters feel that they have sunk to the depths until Tag Tempkin, an 18 year old hunk and fan suddenly appears. He is sweet, he is hot and he wants to be a skater, Jay, Garry’s friend and Garry take him under their wing (among other places) and prod him on to a wonderful performance that impresses many as does his body in Spandex. As he rises to the top, Garry and Jay are aghast and they will find a way to get even… or will they?

Many loveable characters and a fascinating plot with lots of backstabbing make this a really fun read. Even if you know nothing about the world of skating, there is plenty here to amuse.

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