“Fruit Cocktail”–biting the apple

Wooten, Arthur. “Fruit Cocktail”, Alyson, 2007.

Biting the Apple

Amos Lassen

Arthur Wooten, who gave us the wonderful “on Picking Fruit”, is back with a sequel to it, “Fruit Cocktail” (which I actually got a look at about a year ago). Now it is all polished and on bookstore shelves and it is the perfect book to rid you of the cold weather blues.

Curtis Jenkins has been plagued with bad luck on the gay dating scene. In fact, his experiences have been so bad that he decided to write a book about dating in the hopes that he could save others from the heartache that he has felt. As he travels on a book tour to sell his book, Curtis realizes that the dating scene is merely an excuse to get a man into the sack and that there is no romance whatsoever involved in it. His book, “101 Ways to Collide Into Your Gay Soul Mate” is much more successful than is Curtis and we, along with Curtis, learn a great deal about the dating scene in gay life.

This book is filled with humor and it is great fun to read. Wooten seems to know a lot about the scene and writes about it with hilarity and insight. As funny as the book is, it is serious in that we recognize so much of ourselves in it. I loved “On Picking Fruit” and I equally love the sequel. It is so much fun to read about things that really happen, especially when it is written about in a jocular manner. If these two books say anything about the talent of the author, I predict we will see some great writing from him.

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