“Forbidden Fruit: Psalms of a Black Master”–you know you would if…

Kane, Will. “Forbidden Fruit: Psalms of a Black Master”, Kensington Books, 2007.

“You Know You Would If…”

Amos Lassen

Will Kane is new on the literary scene but he gives us hot, black gay erotica in his kinky anthology “Forbidden Fruit”, The book is composed of 19 stories and an introduction and an epilog and the work is provocative as it looks at sex in a way that heightens temperatures and libidos.

Will Kane is a corporate man by day but at night he roams the dark and mysterious world of sadomasochism and leather. The stories he gives us celebrate sexuality from the point of view of an African American male. He looks at the S/M culture and black leather clad society as an opposite to his button-down collar daytime job in corporate management. He takes n a journey to the limits of pleasure and sometimes beyond. Kane is a very good erotic writer and he is a fantastic tour guide through a “nothing-left-to-the imagination” world of African American sex. But this is not just about African Americans. Kane has something for everyone here and the anthology of his own stories is intimate. Filthy (in a delicious way) and completely liberating. He dares us to come along and participate in his odyssey but he also invites us to come along. Kane describes himself as “am avowed heretic, screwing conventional wisdom since the day he left the womb and hit on the obstetrician for a Cuban cigar and a double shot of Kentucky bourbon in the delivery room.” This was just the beginning. He was a Young Republican who loved Barry Goldwater and somewhere along his way to self-discovery, developed a taste for sadomasochism “by inflicting pain on willing submissives and indulging his masochistic tendencies by enduring36 hours of tattooing (so far) and numerous piercings of his private parts which he relishes secretly feeling up while sitting in boring creditor’s committee meetings. He lives in New York and is a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor, which, I understand, is a highly “evolved subspecialty of S/M”.

“Forbidden Fruit” is one of those books that must be read to believe what it says…and it says a great deal.

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