“Every Frat Boy Wants It”–fraternity sex

Gregory, Todd. “Every Frat Boy Wants It”, Kensington Books, 2007.

Fraternity Sex

Amos Lassen

I read Todd Gregory’s “Every Frat Boy Wants It” with great interest for two reasons—I needed something to take my mind off of grading student final papers and I was informed that the author like myself, is from New Orleans. I actually enjoyed this little outing into the world of gay erotica after having read my students’ reflective essays on my writing courses. The book is HOT!

I was a fraternity man myself and how I wish these things had happened to me. The fraternity house makes the library bathroom look tame.

Jeff Morgan is the typical all-American boy. He looks like a poster boy for small town America—blonde, blue eyes and a jock whose star rose at his high school in Kansas. Jeff has dreams of becoming a writer and therefore chooses a branch of California State University as the place where he will undertake his college career. He knows that he is attracted to men and he fights it. He thinks that one way to sublimate his male sexual desires is to join a fraternity and so he pledges Beta Kappa in the hopes that the macho members will cause him to straighten out his thoughts and his life. We learn from the book that the opposite is true.

When Jeff meets fraternity brother Blair Blanchard, his life changes dramatically. Blair is a theater major whose parents are movie stars and he shows Jeff how to use drugs and alcohol as a way to cover up his sexual adventures. Jeff learns that the pledge period is actually a “sensual, S&M fueled bacchanal” and weekends away from campus are adventures of sexual exploration. Spring Break is a living porn movie.

Gregory divides the book into the seasons—summer, fall, winter and spring and each season is filled with new sexual experiences. Jeff learns to accept himself and his sexuality and is made to evaluate his feelings for Blair and in doing so accept himself as the gay person he is.

Sometimes erotica is just that alone. In “Every Frat Boy Wants It” we get not only erotica but a good story with it. If you have ever been in a fraternity and had desires that included the brothers, you will have a wonderful time reading this book. If you were not a fraternity man, this book will make you wish you had been.

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