“Diary of a Hustler”–another earlier review

Maltese, Walter. “Diary of a Hustler”, MLR Press, 2007.

Detailing the Hustler

Amos Lassen

“Sexual innocence in the process of becoming sexually aware is what “this” is supposedly all about”, says Miss Worry Wart in William Maltese’s (writing as Joey) “Diary of a Hustler”.

Here is a bold, sexually graphic look at the world of what is commonly known as “street trade”. It is interesting to consider sexual innocence with the life of a rent boy but to me this is what this book is all about. I understand, from hustlers I have spoken to, that this book gives a true picture of a certain part of the lives of those who work the streets as well as of the people who exist n the milieu. Joey, our hustler, who narrates his own story has done it all ad yet somehow managed to remain innocent. He is candid and very, very erotic and he is a survivor in a world where everyone like him is not so lucky. At the end of the book he lives the west coast ad heads for South Beach and it will be interesting to find out if he loses his innocence there.

Writing about hustling is a specialized genre in the world of fiction (or non-fiction) for that matter. So many who write about hustlers go into the psychological background, etc and are not concerned with the guys who enjoy what they do and take advantage of the opportunities the work gives them. Joey tells of his escapades with humor and Maltese, writing as Joey, has done an extraordinary job at looking at the lifestyle of the street.

To tell you much about the diary would be to ruin it for you and this is a read that is easy, erotic and fun. Pick up a copy and get into the mindset of the “profession” and just sit back and enjoy. You don’t have to think, you just need to let your prejudices go.

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