“Circusex: A One-Hand Read”–erotically written

Maltese, William. “CircuSex: A One-Handed Read”, iUniverse, 2004.

Erotically Written

Amos Lassen

William Maltese knows how to write erotica. He is very smart that way. He also tells you in advance that you are n for a steamy read and he doesn’t joke about it. “Back in the day” there was a lot of underground gay erotica floating around and in order to buy it, a certain discretion and secrecy was involved. Then came the sexual revolution and all of that changed. Now it is accessible almost everywhere. Granted not many of what is available today can come anywhere close to Maltese’s talent for the erotic because he seems to know what pleases his readers. In “CircuSex” he does just that.

The cast of characters is amazing. One character is a dwarf, Jeremy Small but there is also Tarantula Man who has two extra arms and three extra eyes and Dog Boy and the Human Cannon Ball ad so on—a regular circus. All of these characters are for hire for the right price. They are part of the sideshows and the sideshows are hot, inhumane and “immoral”. The circus is a garden of sexual pleasures not limited only to the sideshow. If the cash is available, you ca have a circus of your own all under the tutelage of the tattooed man, Darrel Weinstein.

The book is an Olympic race of sexual activity. Maltese has conjured up a circus unlike any other which provides a backdrop for some of the most sensual reading I have ever done. I am sure I will never thick of the circus again as I did in the past. We all know that the circus is where one goes to have fun, but this is the kid of fun that will keep circuses full for a very long time. I just wonder if the Ringling Brothers are really brothers or was there something more there.

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