“GO GO G BOYS”–naming a queen

“Go Go G-Boys”

Naming a Queen

Amos Lassen

A delightful comedy, “Go Go G-Boys” in Mandarin Chinese has been released by Waterbearer Films. It is basically the story of Hong and Shin, friends since childhood and how as young adults they find themselves different sexualities. Hong works a menial job and likes girls while Shin, a rock star, prefers boys. Hong’s girlfriend is high maintenance for him and manages to run up a great deal of debt on his credit card. Hong’s job does not pay him nearly enough so that he can pay these bills and Hong’s creditors are dunning him for payment.

Hong manages to find what he thinks may be a solution to his problems. Soon to be is a beauty contest for guys, the G-Boy Pageant and Hong thinks that if he wins the grand prize, he will be able to pay his bills and get his life in order. There is only one problem and that is the contestants in the contest must be gay. Shin, wishing to help his friend, also enters the contest and the two guys find themselves surrounded by very good looking and hot Asian men, each of them wanting the  title and the million dollars that go with winning. Hong’s having to pretend to be gay is not the only problem. Little does anyone know, there is a mad bomber, who tries to completely disrupt the “beauty” contest as well as a spy who manages to infiltrate the contest and destroy it from within.

With these things going on, we end up with a very cute and funny film and it seems that the pageant may end with a big bang and there are other questions that need to be answered.

Adroitly directed by Jong-Jong Yu (you have to love that name), the film shows just how far the Taiwanese have gone in dealing with gay issues.


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