“GLITTER AND QUEER”–shake your booty


“Glitter and Queer”

Shake Your Booty

Amos Lassen

“Glitter and Queer” is subtitled “Videos you have seen before” and what it gives us is a collection of 19 music videos by some of the gayest of musicians. It is a historical and diverse look at drag in video of recent times and at times it is quite cheesy to say the least. It appears to me to be a collection of watered-down house and techno but that is not to say that it is not fun. It’s not all

drag—these are half naked men in almost all of the videos and we see en caressing women and men who look like men and men who look like women

The usuals are there—RuPaul, Amanda Lear, The Weather Girls. Sin with Sebastian and there are some surprises. Dana International, the Israeli Drag Queen who won the Eurovision Song Contest some years ago gives a wonderful rendition of the song “Free” and The Village People and Divine are on board too. A lot of the singers are people you have never heard of but by and large it is not a great collection. But it is a tribute to a time that was and it is fun.

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