“GIRL KING”–gender bending at sea

“Girl King”

Gender Bending at Sea

Amos Lassen

And here is something for the ladies—full of fetish. “Girl King” (Culture Q Connection) is a gender bending lesbian love story set on the open sea with lots of swashbuckling and high sea adventure.

We do not see a lot of drag king movies especially costume drama. Along comes

“Girl King” and a pirate story on water and the tide changes (sorry about that). Ileana Pietrobruo write and directed this change of pace film and is very sexy. Here is a high sea adventure with the standard search for the hidden treasure. Our women here are an all girl cast of male pirates replete with butch women who can easily pass for men. Every so often we also have the femme in this well made movie. Our cast of characters include Butch–very naive and sometimes referred to as baby Butch and his (her) partner, Claudia. They have been captured by the queen who is inconsolable since her king has left her and taken the treasure along. The queen is eager to regain the treasure and realizes that Butch is the man (woman) for the job. In return the queen will allow Bitch will be allowed to have Claudia when he (she) returns safely with the loot. Claudia does not want to be left alone while the quest takes place and escapes to follow Butch. Claudia ensconces herself in leather drag and off they go.

Once at sea, gender roles change unbelievably quickly and what is butch becomes femme or vice versa. Here is a true genderf*** of a movie. The activities that take place will confuse you to a degree and make your temperature rise as well. For the gender bending alone this is a film not to be missed. I had a call watching it.

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