“GAY ZOMBIE”–undead love

Gay Zombie”

Undead Love

Amos Lassen

What a surprise was in the mail today!!! I received a very original short film from Michael Simon and in the following twenty minutes as I watched it I had a great time. “Gay Zombie” is abbot just that, a gay zombie. Miles, our zombie, is somewhat sexually confused but manages to come out of the closet and takes on an adventure through West Hollywood where he makes new friends. When he meets Todd, he leaves the proverbial closet behind and Todd and Miles’ new friends help him to accept himself and to try to fit into society, which is not exactly easy for a zombie. Everything seems to go just fine until Miles appetite for flesh eating returns. We watch to see if Miles is able to exercise control over his desires or will they overtake him? Can a zombie maintain a love affair with a living human? These are questions that can only be answered by watching this hilarious twenty-minute short film.

Let me say that I really enjoyed this film completely and if I have a complaint it is that I wanted more. Everything about the movie was top-notch—the acting, the photography, the script. I doubt it would have succeeded as well as full length film but what there is here is just great. It is just that when you really enjoy something, you don’t want it to end.

I understand the film was shot in just three days and I find that amazing. There are over forty members of the cast and crew which is also amazing so I suppose the penultimate word to describe “Gay Zombie” is amazing.

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