“GARCON STUPIDE”–looking into soul

“Garcon Stupide”

Looking Into Soul

Amos Lassen

“Garcon Stupide” (Picture This Entertainment) is a touching and sad movie which exhibits both freshness and imagination. It uses Lionel Baier’s, the director, and Pierre Chatigny’s (the star) lives as a jumping off point to give us a portrait of Loic. Loic, our main character, a Swiss national who speaks French, has quite a life. He works on the assembly line in a chocolate factory in Bulle, cruises the internet for anonymous sex and takes photographs with his cell phone. He is also mindless ad self-destructive.

His dreams of becoming a photographer are just dreams. He would rather spend time chatting with Marie, a mature woman who lives at the place where he sleeps. When Marie enters a relationship with a man, Loic becomes enraged and calls her a slut forgetting that he, himself, is a super slut. Marie throws him out and everything changes—he has lost a friend and a place to sleep.

An honest feel and the beautiful Chatigny’s strong acting are what hold the film together. Loic is a naive, ignorant young man who has no concept of human emotion. He is nowhere near the middle class and artistic life he dreams of. He has estranged himself from his family and when Marie puts him out, he s totally alone (except for sexual acquaintances).

This is a coming out film without any of the clichés we are so used to seeing but the ending s a downer. Loic’s future is not bright and we only see him for what he is not. However, we get no idea of where he will go or what he will be.

The cinematography is gorgeous. The Alps look absolutely beautiful and the scenes that take place at night are extremely intense. We get a wonderful look at a young man arriving at one of the most crucial moments of his life but he blurs the line between love and sex which only makes us to know more about his life.

The film takes the viewer to a different country and a different world as it sensitively explores a young man attempting to get what he needs in the only ways he knows. He is unable to build relationships and his longing for connection is powerfully expresses throughout the film. The director captures his suffering and bares the conflict between the needful soul and the desire to live a life that fulfills his needs.

Loc is definitely a stupid young man with his blank mind and his being detached from everything around him. At one point we see him as caring and compassionate but this does not last.

The age of 20 is a turning point in most lives—the teen years are gone and adulthood is beginning. Many make the transition smoothly but our hero has a rough time. The film shows us the trials of a youngster who is marginalized.

There are things in the movie that are confusing but by and large we get a fascinating look at a delightful young man who does not have the ability to commit to others—he just has no idea of what commitment is.

  1. #1 by amosllassen on February 14, 2011 - 1:22 pm

    Now that Picture This Entertainment is no more, Breaking Glass Pictures has picked up many of their titles so you might check there for availability..

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