“FUN DOWN THERE”–personal and full of charm

“Fun Down There”

Personal and Full of Charm

Amos Lassen

There are ways to retell an old story as evidenced in “Fun Down There” from Strand Releasing. Here is that same old story of a youngster who leaves home and goes to the big city to find himself. The guy is gay but not in a state of turmoil, just curious. Buddy, a country boy, raised on a farm and knows all about dairy farming, goes to New York City. He is quick to make new friends and finds new romances perhaps due to the naiveté he projects. I can best describe him as a mouse. Michael Waite, who also co-wrote the film, is Buddy. He manages to come across as very ordinary while attracting our sympathy and it is strange for us to have a gay hero who is just ordinary. He actually knows more about how to milk a cow than about being gay. Buddy’s parents are special as well. For a movie that was made almost 20 years ago (although just receiving its DVD release), we have parents who are understanding if confused about their son.

He only word I can possibly use to describe “Fun Down There” is charming. It is personal and funny as well as heartwarming. Filmed basically with a long of wide shots, the scenery is wonderful. Waite as Buddy is unselfconscious in the way he portrays Buddy and it is easy to see why he is so loveable.

The sensitivity of the script says everything about finding oneself. It depicts being gay as matter-of-fact with no frills or outlandish caricatures. As Buddy travels from upstate to New York to the big city and lands in the East Village, he matures sexually and physically and we watch as he adapts to his new lifestyle.

It is not common to have a film that s so full of hear. I found myself smiling as I watched and rooting for Buddy (even though he did just fine by himself).

If I gave out stars for film, I would give out five for this movie just because it is so sincere.

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