“FRESHMAN ORIENTATION”–‘home of phobia”


“Home of Phobia”

Amos Lassen

Those ideas about college being a hotbed of sex and parties  just did not hold true for 18 year old college freshman, Clay (Sam Huntington). He had imagined that college was going to be one big orgy with plenty of “hot chicks”, endless orgies and  beer kegs that were always full and there for the emptying. Clay thought that when he finally got away from home and on his own, the girls would just fall into his open arms. Never did he imagine that he would have to play gay to get a girl just to notice him. This is the premise of “Freshman Orientation” released by Regent Films and soon to be seen on Here! TV and then followed by DVD release. Plating gay can also lead to many strange happenings as it does so well in  this fun film. Clay becomes involved in everything from gender warfare to campus activism. Breaking all the rules of political correctness, we get to see a freshman orientation as we have never seen before.

As Clay plays gay, he bumbles and fumbles his way through his first year of college. When Amanda (Kaitlin Doubleday) receives a note  during sorority rush that she must bring a “fag” to a dance in order to gain acceptance, the beauty comes upon Clay, whom she assumes to be gay (because of a fraternity prank he had been involved in). She has the assignment to make him fall in love with her (as other sorority pledges have similar assignments–one of the funniest is the Jewish girl who must do the same with a Muslim). Clay of course has no idea that Amanda is using him but is determined to get the girl and while trying to appear gay, he finds a tutor in Rodney (John Goodman—who steals the movie as the stereotypical flamboyant gay bartender).

Of course the whole plan goes wrong and causes the campus to become chaotic as the issue of sexual identity becomes embroiled in campus life.. The twists and turns are hilarious and I found myself laughing aloud while watching the film. The young cast is amazing, especially when dealing with sexual politics. This a perky bright comedy which will lift the spirits and make you remember what college is all about. For those if us that experienced freshman orientation and all that goes along with it, this is a movie and will cause you to fondly muse about the good old days. For those who had no such experience, you may consider going back in time and enrolling. I had one good time watching this zany flick.

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