“FOR THE LOVE OF DOLLY”–fanatical fans

“For the Love of Dolly”

Fanatical Fans

Amos Lassen

Gays love Dolly Parton and we should. “For the Love of Dolly” is an in-depth look at five of Dolly’s most fanatical fans. We meet a disabled man whose obsession with the singer is awe-inspiring. There is a straight female couple who bonded over their love for Ms. Parton and there is a gay couple whose house is bursting with memorabilia of Dolly.

Even those these people are excessive in their reaction to Dolly, the filmmakers show us how important their devotion is to them, Instead of just dismissing these fans as being loco, we see the human and vulnerable side to these people and would could have been truly humiliating comes across as being dignified. These die hard Dolly fans have followed the songstress everywhere and Dolly has rewarded them by helping them out when help is needed.

What a fun film this is. Fandom, in itself, is something hat we see all of the time but the fanatics here are something else. I ha great fun watching this and I bet you will too. You don’t have to be a Dolly fan to enjoy this wonderful little treat.

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