“FOOD OF LOVE”–it could have been so good

“Food of Love”

It Could Have Been So Good

Amos Lassen

I really dislike films that have great potential and they because of some unknown reason fall flat. Not that “Food of Love” fell flat but it could have been so much better.

“Food of Love” had the potential to be a beautiful coming-of-age story. All of the elements were there but it somehow lost its focus and became extremely muddled. I wanted so much to like this movie. It basically “lost it” in the way that it showed how not to care for an eighteen year old whose is full of infatuation for an older man.

Paul (Kevin Bishop) is a vulnerable and sheltered teen who has fallen in love with Richard (Paul Rhys). What happens to the two is the meat of the story. Richard gives the impression that he is unconcerned with the young man who is obviously smitten with him. Paul is hopelessly in love with Richard as evidenced by the number of phone calls and by the faxes he sent him. Paul as a student as Julliard then transfer his affections to another older man, a “sugar daddy” who is three times his age but pines over Richard. Paul’s mother is at a loss as to how to deal with the situation and behaves hysterically.

We can only wonder if Paul who had the ability to become a brilliant pianist actually was so distraught over his unrequited love that he turned in only mediocre performances. What is so sad is that Paul allowed the men to use him sexually and believed that they cared for him.

As this sad move comes to a close it was totally uneven and completely unfulfilling. A great deal of emotion was shown at the end of the film—so much so that the film seemed to be just getting going instead of drawing to a close. Paul does manage to come to terms with his mother but only as a broken youth and the movie has no resolution.

The script had virtually no focus whatsoever and thus the movie had no direction. I am sure yet as to whether it is a soap opera or soft core porn. The acting is very, very amateurish and Kevin Bishop as Paul shows no talent aside from having a very pretty rear end.

What is missing most of al is an ending. Pal moves to New York and is disillusioned–THE END. The characters do not seem to know anything about themselves and all they learn in the film is that life is no good and that people can’t be trusted. He movie does not show life—it hides from it.

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