“FLUFF”–taking the bill by the horns


Taking the Bull By the Horns

Amos Lassen

Iron Rod Pictures has a sure hit with “Fluff” a comedy that will provide you with side-splitting humor and offend you at the same time. It shows what happens when a bunch of hot young men decide that porn is boring so they decide to make an artistic porn film and thereby produce for us a wonderful combination of sex, theater and film.

The guys decide to take a classic Greek play and transform it into the film “Greek Love”. The actors wear no more than jockstraps and name tags and the finished products is met with negative reviews. They then try an all midget, all drag production of “Little Women as well as an S/M production of “Crime and Punishment” and they both flop dismally. When they realize that they cannot make their mortgage payment they can only think of trying one more movie and go into production with “Greek Love 2”.

Casting porn is not always easy as the guys soon learn. The majority of the guys who make it to the audition turn out to be bottoms. The one straight guy in the company claims that he will be able to perform anal sex after he finds a copy of “Gay Sex for Imbeciles” but the main problem seems to revolve around the question if the Greeks shaved their pubic hair, especially around their butts. Until this question can be answered, production is held up.

The acting is just awful and the sex is all simulated. These things do not make the movie bad; it makes us wonder about how good it might have been. One thing for sure—it is hilarious and if we regard it as the satire it is supposed to be, we can sit back and laugh at how bad this film really is.

  1. “FLUFF”– Taking the Bull by the Horns | Reviews by Amos Lassen

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