“Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film”–a guide to the rainbow screen

Porter, Darwin and Prince, Danforth. “Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film”, second edition, Blood Moon Productions Ltd. 2007.

A Guide to the Rainbow Screen

Amos Lassen

If you love film as much as I do, “Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film” is a must have. The second edition picks up where the first left off and adds 474 pages to the original 400 make it a  compendium of almost all of the films of interest to our community.

In 2006-2007 we had no real major breakthrough movies but we did have a lot of films with gay themes and many films with gay characters. This book documents the latest in GLBT film and also looks at older films which had recent DVD releases. Gay and lesbian film has become big business and it is a sigh that we have really finally arrived. The kinds of films we are seeing now run the entire gamut of topics and genres from romance to horror to detective to documentary. The anger we once had has been replaced by interesting plots and the films reflect the society in which we live. And GLBT films are being made all over the world. The Philippines and Israel have produced outstanding films and now we have films from Peru, Serbia, Korea among others. Gender bending has become an interesting topic for filmmakers and gay/lesbian film has become very popular among all audiences.

In addition to detailed articles about the various GLBT movies listed in the table of contents, there are special features in the book starting with the Bloody Moon Awards which name best actors and actresses, director and picture. There are special sections on Marlon Brando and Greta Garbo as well. Included is a special section on “Superheroes, Gay Iconography, and the Movies” which details the story of Brandon Routh and a chapter on “Batman and Robin: Two Other Queens in Tights”. There is also a section on short films and a study of “Hollywood’s Greatest Hotties”. There is a lot to read here and although some of it is simple, this is a book that will keep you happy for a long time.

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