“Beyond Machu”–exotic Peru

Maltese, Walter. “Beyond Machu”, The Haworth Press, 2006.

Exotic Peru

Amos Lassen

Set in Peru, “Beyond Machu” by William Maltese s a roller coaster ride with incredible characters. When a stranger sits down at Dan’s table in chapter one and mysteriously disappears, the action begins. As Dan muses over the things he would have done with the stranger, the police suddenly appear at his hotel room. Who is Dan? He is a newspaper reporter and photographer on assignment to do a travel piece on Machu Picher. While there he meets Sloan Hendricks, a good looking, hunky mysterious man. Thinking he is one an easy assignment and has time to spare, Dan pursues Sloan through the beautiful and hot Peruvian jungle where the two men have wild adventures and wild sex. As dangerous as the animals in Peru are, Dan discovers that Sloan is the most dangerous of them all.

Loaded with both romance and angst, this is one sexy book. But unlike Maltese’s other books which are driven by sex, this book is driven by plot. That does not mean it is not sexy—there is a great deal of it and Maltese’s descriptions are vivid but this book has something else going for it—aside from a wonderful plot, the character development is stunning and the suspense is gripping.

I, personally, loved the mysterious Sloan Hendricks, a man with a dark past. When Dan believes that there could be a newspaper story with Sloan, he pursues him in order to get what he needs. Their romance builds quickly as does the plot of the novel as they set out on a quest for either riches or death.

“Beyond Machu” is a perfect example of how to combine erotica with a readable story and the more of Maltese I read; the more I am amazed at the beauty and style with which he writes. Obviously he has something that has allowed to him to turn out an opus of over 150 books…and he is still going strong.

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