“Adagio”–beautifully written

Owen, Chris. “Adagio”. Casperian Books, 2006.

Beautifully Writtten

Amos Lassen

Chris Owens has written a wonderfully readable novel with “Adagio”. It is the story of Jason Stuart who arrives in Australia to embark on a “walkabout” in the Outback. His friends think he is crazy or perhaps slow but Jason feels that this adventure will make him fulfill his dreams and come to terms with his past. He imagined that this trip would exorcise his past but instead of facing his past, he is forced to rake a good hard look at his future.

When Jason meets an unexpected travel companion, he realizes that there is no need to deal with the past any longer and that what awaits is more important than what was. As Jason comes of age and finds romance, he gives a beautiful description of Australia and in reading we confront the burgeoning romance between the two men.

The descriptions of Australia are incredible and you almost feel that if you look up from the pages of the book that you are there. Own has created larger than life characters. As you meet the characters, you meet their minds and as you watch the love affair between the two men blossom, you feel as if you are part of the relationship.

The prose is beautiful and Chris Own has a way with the English language. As the tale is spun, the reader is taken into a beautiful story. This is an interesting book that has something for everyone—romance, suspense, comedy. The author runs the gamut of emotions and we are right there enjoying.

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